Turning Pixels into Gold

The Purpose: You

The sole purpose of this site is to help you, yes, you, to "turn pixels into gold".

One day, as I was ranting in class, I asked the students why they were studying graphic design. I got various answers. The want to learn stuff. They wanted to expand their horizons. And a bunch of other such responses. An old song from the seventies popped in my head. the chorus declared that "there's  people out there turning music into gold". I told the class they should be there to learn how to turn pixels into gold. That is, they should be there in class learning how to take their skills and knowledge of graphic design and make themselves a fine and profitable career.

This site is an extension of my sincere efforts to help them make money to feed and clothe themselves and their family.

Job Search

There is a pretty good job search in place here. One just has to submit their zip code, how many miles they are willing to travel to work, and a search word (Photoshop, Illustrator, graphic design, in design, WordPress, etc). the results will lead them to current job listings in their area, listed at Indeed, Pure Michigan, Craig's List, Monster, JobsGalore, Michigan.Jobing, Careerbuilders and Kelly Services. It couldn't be easier to see what is out there.


The Graphic Design, SEO, Social Media and Web Design industry is always changing. We post articles to important articles to help you keep up. Originally curated at Moosezoo.tumblr.com, some are imported into this site for your convenience.


The videos page will contains a collection (willy nilly for now) covering some aspects of graphic design and the work of being a designer, such as reviews of Fundamentals, Job searching, Interviews, pricing work and more. These videos are presented in an easy way of viewing.

The site is designed simply on purpose. I assume that those who take advantage of TurningPixelsIntoGold.com are here for info. The simple, responsive layout facilitates that quest.

Other Sites by Moose Loose LLC

MooseLoose.com is just a bunch of tools for creating websites (generally poorly explained) and Moosezoo.tumblr.com is a place where we curate informative and timely articles from all over the internet.

It is hoped that these aids will somehow be of service to anyone striving to turn pixels into gold.